The cPanel Control Panel seemed to be the undeniable No 1 player among hosting managing user interfaces not too long ago. Once cloud hosting shot to popularity, the cPanel concept didn’t adjust to the new reality and come up to the preferences of the evolving website hosting industry any longer.

The 1Dur Hosting Control Panel was built to run on a cloud hosting hosting system and can rapidly be changed if a brand new capability is added. It is a 1–stop website management interface for handling your Internet presence including your domains, sites, billing along with your tech support inquiries.

1. Domain/invoicing/site settings

The 1Dur Hosting Control Panel permits you to comfortably manage all your domain names, e–mail messages and web sites with just a mouse click. This way, it will be easy to handle every aspect of your web presence from one place.

The cPanel Control Panel does not feature parallel control over domains and sites. You will get one payments panel for your domains and bills, and another Control Panel for your web sites.

2. File Hierarchy

Using the 1Dur Hosting Control Panel, each site name and subdomain will have its unique directory in the core web hosting account folder. This way, all web sites are going to be fully isolated from each other.

If you decide to control a number of web sites from a single cPanel account, it might be truly perplexing. You have a single master website and all of the additional websites and subdomains are going to be incorporated into its folder as subfolders. If you’d like to use an independent directory for each web site, you will need to use different Control Panel tools for each of them.

3. File Manager

The 1Dur Hosting File Manager is made to perform exactly like your desktop computer file explorer. Offering characteristics such as drag–n–drop file file publishing, right click navigation menus, archive/extract options, etc., it’ll make managing your data files quick and easy. Furthermore, you will discover a built–in WYSIWYG editor along with a code editor.

The File Manager of cPanel is sluggish and restricted in characteristics. Adding multiple data files demands loads of time and doesn’t include drag–n–drop support. The integrated zip/unzip tool is unreliable and the file managing instruments supply you with solely basic controls. There is no fast access to the included file administration actions.

4. Free–of–cost Bonus Tools

The 1Dur Hosting Control Panel is operated by our company and offers a rich collection of free benefits that will generally cost over $1000 dollars with some other companies. You’ll have access to hundreds of no cost templates, the Web Based Site Installer, 1 Click Applications Installer, a PHP Framework Installer, a collection of Advanced Instruments, etc.

Each hosting provider offering cPanel decides on their own what totally free bonus tools to to use in your hosting deal. And also, since cPanel is a licensed Control Panel, the totally free bonus features also have to be paid by the website hosting supplier. This will certainly add to the cost of your hosting package, so the free–of–cost benefits bundled in your service will in fact be fee based.

5. Control Panel Rates of Operation

The 1Dur Hosting Control Panel has been created using the most advanced web related technologies. By doing this, it makes use of in full the power of your web browser and Internet access to so you can control your websites quickly. In our assessment experiments, when performing related operations, the Control Panel scored 3 times better speeds when compared to other control panel solutions.

cPanel continues to be functioning on a platform from 2000’s and can truly be slow at times. The cPanel team of developers has made a substantial step with the launch of cPanel accelerated. Even so, in comparison tests, common site administration operations usually present much better outcomes with other Control Panel solutions.

6. Multi–domain Controls

The 1Dur Hosting Control Panel enables you to seamlessly handle several web sites as well as their domains from one location. Each web site is going to have its own special directory in the root of your hosting account and will be entirely free from the rest. In this manner, you may use just one hosting account to manage as many domains and websites as you need.

With cPanel, it is impossible to manage your domains and your sites from just one area, as the two interfaces are divided. You will have to sign into 2 unique locations anytime you need to change your domain name features and web site file contents at the same time.

7. Control Panel Menu

Using the 1Dur Hosting Control Panel, you will be able to easily browse from one section to a different one utilizing our very useful top navigation menu. It provides links to every single section of the Control Panel and a brief explanation of what exactly you’re able to do there. In this way, even if you don’t know very well what the specific area signifies, you will have the ability to quickly become familiar with its features.

The cPanel Control Panel shows all available icons on the homepage, meaning it’s not at all personalized to your particular necessities. Moreover, as soon as you access a menu, you cannot quickly move to another and need to to return to the homepage alternatively. This kind of navigation could be truly annoying for you, particularly if you utilize a lot of Control Panel sections anytime you modify your websites.

8. Demo Accounts

With the 1Dur Hosting Control Panel, we have created a feature–rich demo version for you to take a peek before sign–up. You’ll have access to a demo cloud hosting account from which you are able to create email accounts, mount web apps, make new sub–domains, and make a website using any of our web–site constructors, etc. Should you like what you have created – you can enroll through the demo interface and preserve anything you have come up with thus far.

The cPanel Control Panel provides a simple demo account that will not supply you with access to the primary website management instruments you need to test out. It’ll reveal to you the way a common index page seems like and you will have access to just a few of all the featured menus. All other areas will be inactive unless you sign up.

We could number each functionality of our Website Control Panel here and match it up against the cPanel Control Panel. Nevertheless, it’s going to be quicker if you simply take a quick look at the live demo version to check out the real difference by yourself.

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