In the 1Dur Hosting Website Control Panel you can see a simple to operate Web–site Builder tool, that you can use to build your brand new site. Our Website Builder incorporates over a hundred one–of–a–kind web–site templates, found in numerous color patterns, that you can individualize to your preferences. To create a fresh web site, you won’t have to comprehend HTML, PHP, CSS or any other back–end language. Everything you need to understand is how to handle the point–and–click manager of the Site Builder. You can use it to quickly make brand–new web pages, edit their details, add different features to your site and much more.

A Straightforward Web–site Builder

No encoding expertise is necessary

Using the Website Builder incorporated into the Website Control Panel, you are able to start your own site with straightforward point and click actions. Using the inbuilt manager, you can quickly add completely new webpages, handle active ones, customize the look of your site, etc. If you have ever used an application or something similar to Word or Excel, then you definitely know exactly how to take advantage of the Site Builder.

And the best part – you don’t need to know the right way to design and produce a site and will not have to use or comprehend any HTML, CSS and even PHP. If you need support, you can check out 1Dur Hosting’s detailed help articles and educational videos.

Easy-to-use Site Builder

A variety of Website Design Themes

More than 100 web–site templates at your disposal

The Website Builder tool provides a set of more than one hundred one–of–a–kind site templates. They’re made to cover the most famous kinds sites – blogs, personal websites, portfolios, web stores etc. Each of our free templates will come with many coloring options and two different layout types.

At anytime, you can easily change the template of your web site with an all new one, or alter the color pattern. All the webpages you’ve built are going to be stored and your web site is going to be updated with the new look in an instant.

Multiple Website Templates

How–to Instructional Videos

Observe how uncomplicated it is actually to make a web site

Our Web Site builder is undoubtedly user friendly, however, in order to be getting the most from the application, you will need a little advice and training. To help you reach the best results, we’ve prepared several video tutorials centered on the various attributes provided by Site Studio.

The instructional videos will help you better understand how to work with the site application.

Video Tutorials